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Empower Your Workforce


GeoCross Mobile, a fully configurable, cross-platform mobile GIS application, which allows your mobile workforce to utilize a single application for all of their location and mapping tasks. It provides your workforce with up-to-date access to your location data, at any time, on any device. Using the device of your choice, GeoCross Mobile empowers your workforce to increase the accuracy and currency of your location data by providing fit-for-purpose applications. Through configuration, you are able to deploy focused applications allowing users to focus on the specific tasks required, rather than being overwhelmed with useless information.

Configure & Create

  • Fully configurable: edit forms, fields, searching & more

  • Search operational & background data

  • Create custom edit forms, no development experience required

  • Editing of related tables (linked inspections)

View & Collect

  • View, update & collect your location data

  • View & attach photos

  • No GIS connection required

  • Create linked inspections

  • Auto-populate fields using spatial attributes from other datasets

Features & Tools

  • Support dynamic and pre-packaged offline workflows

  • Automatic data updates for static maps and base maps

  • PinIt: Locational markers, notes and bookmarks

  • Directions: street level routing and distance & bearing

  • Google Street View

Settings & Options

  • Supports multiple configurations

  • Day & Night themes

  • Enable GPS tracking

  • Secure and supported offline data storage

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